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Richard is a Life Coach, Counselor; Consultant; Interdisciplinary Writer Educator Linking Healthcare, Ontology and Epistemology


I am committed to contributing to your personal and professional growth to the best of my ability!   Your transitional and long term well being is important to me.  My clients and I are interested in doing what is best for themselves and others, identifying and achieving goals, cultivating a noble long term outlook and to have as few regrets as possible.  

There are many courses of action we can take in life that can make rational sense. However, it takes something extra to orient in the best way; to find the best path(s) forward and to produce the best outcome(s). These are our goals, objectives and action plans!  Now we need to draw them to the surface, frame and accomplish them! 

I believe this requires competence and effort on our part, making good to great decisions as well as obtaining the right support from others and special help from of our Loving, Eternal Heavenly Father.

What do you want to do?

How confident are you in your current vision?

How sure are you about paying the price to manage and pursue your dreams and goals?  Are you sure you want to pay the price (psychological, physical, social and financial)?

Which category is the most challenging?

How can the best you ‘come out and stay out’?  What is it going to take?

What is possible to delegate?

What are you “extremely” good at?



—Assessment of you in your “situation”: 

—Mutually examine Important relationships, interests, abilities, accomplishments, strengths, motivations, spirituality; emerging future orientation as well as questions and issues about it.

—Examine Catalysts and dispositions indicating need for weighing ‘transition vs remaining in and adapting to current situation’ paradigms.

—Barriers to optimal decision making and future progress.

—Joint research and collaboration on future prospects for work, collective family growth agendas and relocation.

—Discussions about new options, special opportunities, possibilities, finances and responsibilities, ideas about development and needs or goals for wholeness.
—Areas of life and mental functioning that need special attention for redress and improvement.
—Problem solving, goal setting.
—Facilitation of goals and objectives.
—Evaluating process and progress; making adjustments.
—AND MORE…. Additional Concierge Services possible for select clients.

Let’s work together to assess, enrich and empower your situation from multiple angles:  

1)  Identify current challenges and your orientation towards them.  2)  Understand core motivations, needs and preferences  3) Take a careful look at your  background, accomplishments, and current resources complete with ‘foundations’ serving as advantages.  4) Examine possible obstacles (inner and outer) to what you may want to accomplish.  4) Jointly research and examine possibilities and pathways for formulating goals and objectives, setting priorities and solving problems. 5)  Work together as you attempt to advance a given agenda or set of agendas.   6)  Reassess and reformulate over time   7)  Brainstorm and propose possibilities that may require innovation and creativity to take the best shape.  8)  Improve and refine vision(s).

Question:  –Are you sure you know what you want?

–What needs to happen for you to feel more confident about what you want to accomplish”

–What are your current thoughts about what you are facing and how you might decide to move forward?

Richard S. Waguespack, Jr., Ph.D., LCSW

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Considering the Dallas-Fort Worth Area for Work and Relocation?  Career DFW offers a catalogue of career related events, services, media and more on their website.  If you would like to discuss these matters, why not connect through the CHAT below?  I lived in the DFW area for several years and may be able to shed light on some options.  Also, if you would like to discuss an investment in individual coaching, let me know.