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New Life Coaching offers coaching for white farmers and their families seeking to relocate to the United States
Pathways For Successful Immigration To The United States


I do not offer legal advice about immigration but I encourage those who are serious about moving to investigate the requirements.  If you think the US may be your next home,  I want you to to make some calls to gain reasonable assurance that the legal path is clear for you and relevant loved ones to relocate here permanently.

There is much to weigh and consider when contemplating  what country would be the best to target for relocation. However, whether it is the US or another country that rises to the top of the list, you surely want to obtain as much preliminary information as possible, as early as possible.  The sources listed in the next column to the right can help you get started.

In my opinion, white South African farmers and family members without a criminal history will very likely find it fairly easy to obtain green cards and other authorizations, including eventual US citizenship.  However, it is best to clear up any questions that pertain to such fundamental matters before moving. Other questions such as what kind of life you want to live and the ideal location for that to manifest will take much longer to decipher. 
Once we know it is reasonable to assume that you will be able to move to the US, we can move towards identifying and exploring conditions and opportunities with greater clarity and less weight from baseline eligibility issues.  If we decide to work together, my role may include providing support in helping you “let go” of your current situation in functional and strategic ways as well as reorient with greater self awareness.
THINK!!!   There are certain farmers in South Africa who prepared to “fight it out” come what may.  The question is — until when?  Suppose you shoot someone in self defense?  Would it not be incredibly sad to find oneself under criminal jurisdiction in a country not known for playing fair with whites?  In addition, consider the guilt, regrets, and psychological stress involved in trying to relocate with a “criminal record”.  Worse yet, what if you or a loved one is brutalized and/or killed
As coaching proceeds, my focus will be on helping you identify, orient and integrate strengths, interests, hopes, values and more.  We will work towards tapping into a vision of the future that utilizes your emerging best self together with insights, knowledge and  motivations to advance a set of goals that are best for you and your loved ones.  

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Contact Richard today to start benefiting from month to month coaching!  With the right support in tune with your struggles, hopes and dreams, you can much better align with Inner Springs of Self Knowledge as well as quickly increase depth of understanding of emerging possibilities for developing a new life! 

Our time on earth is short. Regrets are difficult to process on top of other challenges such as dealing with losses, separations and traumas.  Gaining the right vision and choosing the best goals requires presence of mind, spiritual vitality and really good support.  This is especially true when many complex and distressing variables threaten to confuse, oppress and undermine.

Why Not Optimize Your Goals through professional support? I can help facilitate a focused, holistic process of discovery of better options and work with you to clear pathways.  Family, friends, associates and even other advisors may not be adequate at certain critical stages.  They may possess serious obstacles in drawing forth the best version of yourself.  How will you arrive to access the “here and now” opportunities that are most right for your?

It is wise to look for guidance from counselors who are skillful, knowledgeable and open minded  enough to identify and support your best options and muster creativity and innovation at critical intervals?   It is important at this stage to avoid too much exchange with people who are prone to relate to and draw forth the “old you”.

In the final analysis, a dedicated helper with much counseling, teaching and life experience, as well as significant knowledge of community and group dynamics, geography, real estate, business, career and vocational development can truly help you and your loved ones bring about a much better tomorrow.

“I am here to help!”  LET’S CHAT!

Richard is a Life Coach, Counselor; Consultant; Interdisciplinary Writer Educator Linking Healthcare, Ontology and Epistemology
Coaching For Successful Immigration To The US
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