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Richard Waguespack, Ph.D., LCSW


Dr. Waguespack (Richard) is a Life Coach who is also an Advanced Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).   His counseling and coaching experience has been acquired over nearly four decades.  He began as a paid peer counselor, tutor and study skills teacher at Spring Hill College (Mobile AL) about 1980.  He also did volunteer and paid work for two different youth shelters in the City.   

After graduating from Spring Hill in 1983, Richard worked as a real estate salesman in his family’s business (1983-86) before attending and graduating from the LSU School of Social Work (1986-88).  From this time onward, Richard’s career combined work as a counselor, educator and coach in a variety of contexts. 

His service as a psychotherapist has ranged from psychiatric hospitals and clinics to home health, nursing home and hospice to private practice and Church settings.  Coaching and career counseling work was at times provided as an adjunctive part of psychotherapy in certain situations, but also extended to stress management workshops in corporate America, outplacement consulting, one on one coaching for clients in private practice as well as advising college and high school students.

As an educator, Richard taught a very significant number of college, high school courses as well as continuing education for medical professionals, including social workers and those in other counseling professions, nurses, and a few physicians.   Authorizations included the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners, Texas State San Marcos and Austin Community College CE Departments and multiple board extensions through physician authority in support of workshops for addiction clinic staff.

Richard is known as a versatile, deep and innovative thinker.  He is an insightful and motivating facilitator with a sense of Christian responsibility and ability to work effectively with advanced professionals, executives, small business owners, college students, and others.   In recent months he has decided to expand his work to coaching people facing challenging and difficult situations, to include a focus on South African farmers and many others who are on the threshold of having to make a decision to relocate out of their country.  He is most equipped to help people align with the prospect of a new life in the United States.

Dr. Waguespack’s credentials include a Ph.D. in Cultural-Clinical Psychology through a “partnership-scholarship” with Warnborough College in the British Isles (Dublin and Canterbury);  CE Provider Authorization (TX State Board of S.W. Examiners); a Masters in Social Work – (Gerontology Specialization) from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; a B.A. in Theology from Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL and real estate courses supporting the attainment of a Louisiana Real Estate salesman’s license in 1982.  While attending LSU Dr. Waguespack received the Kim-Witte scholarship award for winning a research paper contest in gerontology and recognition as Big Buddy from the East Baton Rouge Family Court.


Richard earned Texas teaching certificates (2008-2014) in Science (Grades 8-12), Health Science Technology (Grades 8-12), 8-12 Social Studies (Grades 8-12), Special Education (EC-12), Generalist (Grades 4-8) and Generalist (Grades EC-4). He taught several years of high school (Physics, Chemistry, Health Science Technology, American and World History and World Religions).

Dr. Waguespack taught numerous college and CE courses in Psychology, Social Work and Sociology.  Between 2000-2004 he developed dozens of online CE courses that were combined into academic courses as part of the Ph.D. requirement.  In addition to independent board authorized offerings, these online courses were provided through other partners in higher education such as the CE Departments of Texas State San Marcos and Austin Community College Health Professions Institute.  Two courses in geriatrics were awarded a grant from the Texas Workforce Commission (2006) and provided to a group of nurses staffing a Georgetown Texas nursing home. 

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As a life coach, I offer a generalist background with an unusually broad set of relevant life experiences extending to provision of clinical counseling and coaching services in many contexts, education, business, industry, ongoing research and analysis on many topics relevant to understanding society, business, science and technology.  I have lived or worked across a large portion of the US stretching from North Carolina to West Texas and have traveled throughout much more of the US, Mexico and Canada.

These experiences combined with insights raising three children now adults in their 20s and 30s have equipped me to serve from a position of informed strength, enriched from many angles. My mind holds a constellation of information and approaches that can help client’s get unstuck and orientated towards well configured choices and optimal transitions. 

I examine issues with a fertile and creative mind and look to help client’s formulate customized solutions.  As often as necessary, we keep researching and thinking through suitable options in light of what has already been explored, shared, weighed and evaluated in a customized way.

My orientation is to draw out and help clients adjust to emerging dispositions that may continue to be refined and sculpted along the way.  Our focus is to establish the best goals and objectives in the midst of shifting perceptions.  Together we work to discover the best means and pathways forward.

My foundations in business came early in life, both through real estate and agriculture and has extended to significant familiarity with many occupations, industries, enterprises and categories of professional, academic and personal development. 

Over the years I have discovered that my support has been a valuable and appreciated catalyst in a variety of contexts that include participation in a number of career development groups while residing in the Dallas Fort Worth area (2011-13).  It was here that I was able to meet many individuals from many different occupations.  In special support groups they share many “inside stories” about the workplace and their work history.  It was here that I gained invaluable insights on corporate life in America and made many in person contacts who also became LinkedIn contacts.  Some were in human resources, others in purchasing, others in supply chain and project management roles, still others in accounting, advertising, recruiting and more.

I currently have thousands of LinkedIn contacts whose posts have kept me informed and updated on many variables important to the provision of competent coaching and career counseling.  I have also published a few articles on LinkedIn myself 1   2   3.

In this Coach you will find a broad and systemic understanding of workplace and human development.  With a background in psychology, social work, science, business and theology, I am better equipped than most coaches to understand and anticipate both practical considerations involving new alliances and opportunities as well as complex developmental agendas.  From teaching group dynamics for Limestone College in the early 1980s to providing workshops and support groups for all kinds of people, I am prepared to address the needs of a limited caseload of select clients.

I am also motivated to provide Solution Oriented and Focused Brain Storming Workshops in addition to Management, Employee and Outplacement consulting.  If you are a corporate decision maker or someone forming a team for to meet the needs of your corporate clients, I welcome your call. 

—-“I look forward to the privilege of working with you!”  —RSW

                 “Secondary Credentials”

From a young age I accompanied my father in a variety of interesting activities that contributed to my current credentials to help South African Farmers and their families. Richard Sr. earned degrees in both business and agriculture.  Fluent in English and Spanish, this Korean War Veteran worked in a regional real estate brokerage started by his father in 1936 but he also engaged in beef and dairy farming, soybean and sorghum production and more – in Louisiana and Mississippi.  My grandfather was one of the most successful realtors in Louisiana — Though he passed away in 1963, the Commercial Investment Division (CID) of the New Orleans Metropolitan Association still provides the F. Poche Waguespack Award (1) for overall top achievement in commercial real estate. 


As a young man, after graduating with an agriculture degree from LSU , my father’s first job was as a supervisor with Dutch United Fruit Company in Cuba (1958-59).  After a couple of years, he and my mother (his new bride) had to escape Cuba in a hurry just before I was born. Castro and his Communist rebels became villainous and aggressive, pillaging and killing throughout the country.  Richard Sr. and his bride knew it was time to leave as Christmas 1959 approached (I was born in New Orleans in 1960).

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As a child I would catch fish in seine nets at various places the family vacationed on the Gulf Coast – and sell them on piers where people were fishing.  Between the ages of 9-16, I was involved in 4-H and agribusiness pertaining to sheep  as well as ducks, quail and pheasants that I raised and sold from my own small commercial bird farm.  I had long exposure to market bulletins and other sources of information related to agribusiness.  I even had to run my own ads to sell the hundreds of birds I incubated hatched, brooded and bred. 

I retired from this work at 16 and worked mostly as a waiter in very nice restaurants from ages of 14-19.  In college I was a peer counselor, study skills instructor, orientation leader and children’s shelter worker.

After I graduated from Spring Hill College (Mobile, AL) in 1983, I joined my father’s real estate firm for several years and also spearheaded a group to develop a subdivision directory for Western St. Tammany Parish (North Shore of New Orleans Metro — Louisiana).  We often listed acreage and managed commercial and residential properties.

Often I would talk to real estate clients about their personal issues and could see that I was helping them.  Even though I was fairly good as a realtor, I decided to obtain a MSW degree from LSU (1986-88) and then moved to North and South Carolina for several years before residing in Alabama/Georgia and a number of locations in east and west Texas. 

My work extended into higher education as an an adjunct instructor in sociology at the University of South Carolina Spartanburg within months after graduating and a short time after that I was also hired to work as a counselor and adult educator for a Catholic Parish in South Carolina.   From there I went on to do more extensive college teaching for Limestone College and held a private practice for mental health patients and people who wanted career counseling for several more years before moving and working in education and counseling in AL/GA/TX/OK over the next two decades and beyond. 

Richard is a Life Coach, Counselor; Consultant; Interdisciplinary Writer Educator Linking Healthcare, Ontology and Epistemology

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